Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions


Residential customers

Q1. How does Bill republic compare electricity suppliers?

We compare what a typical residential customer would pay for each electricity provider in their distribution network. For detailed information our calculation assumptions, please click here.

Q2. What is a distribution network?

A distribution network is the poles and wires that connect your home to the electricity grid. Each distribution network is owned by a distribution company.

Q3. When do I receive my $50 voucher?

Once your transfer to the new provider has been confirmed, we will send you the $50 voucher of your choice.

Small business customers (up to $25,000 in energy costs a year)

Q4. How does BillRepublic work for small businesses?

Simply email a copy (or picture) of your bill to We'll then get you the best deal we can from the market.

Large business customers (over $25,000 in energy costs a year)

Q5. How does BillRepublic work for large businesses?

At BillRepublic, we create individual auctions for our large commercial and industrial customers. Energy companies then actively compete for the right to win your business. This is likely to get you a much better deal.

Q6. How much does it cost to set up an individualised auction.

Nothing. Unlike other energy procurement companies, we do not charge for setting up an individual energy auction.

Q7. How can I be sure that the winning bid is actually a better deal than my existing supplier?

We will take the cost of your existing bill and use it as a reserve price. After the auction, we will calculate your estimated savings and email you with the results.

Q8. When I submit my information and join an auction, am I obliged to accept the winning offer?

No. Once the auction has finished you will have an opportunity to review the winning bid and your estimated savings. It is only at this point that you will be offered the opportunity to switch provider. Although, we can't see why you would want to pay more with your existing supplier.

Q9. Can I see the auction taking place live?

Yes. You can view all the auctions taking place on our website. You will be able to locate your auction using the unique auction ID that you will receive via email. All bidding activity by the electricity companies is anonymous.

Q10. Why is bidding anonymous?

For the companies involved, submitted bids are commercially sensitive. Therefore, only the winning company will become known to those who take part in the auction.

Q11. How long do I have to review the auction outcome and decide whether to switch?

You will have 7 days to review the offer. After this time, the offer expires.

Q12. When will my electricity switch become effective?

Once you have agreed to switch provider, the switch will take place when you existing energy contract runs out.

Q13. How does BillRepublic make money?

We are paid a finders' fee by the winning bidder.

Q14. Do all the electricity companies actively compete in the auction?

No. However, all electricity companies are welcome to participate. The more companies that participate, the greater the competition.